Letting Services for Landlords

Do you have a house to rent? Are you new to letting properties?

Then here is your answer to finding the best letting agent – Pendle Letting Agency.


Why is Pende Letting Agency the letting agent you need?

Variety of letting services

Full range of letting services

The challenge is to find the best letting agent at the fairest price, whilst knowing your property will be well taken care of. Several factors that do not necessarily have simple answers, you may think?

Now in one place is the answer – Pendle Letting Agency offers you unparalled services to landlords including; 

Our services are uniquely suited for landlords in the Pendle area as we have been landlords ourselves for over 20 years. We know what you need and are best placed to provide it for you.

For an easy overview and comparison of our letting services from fully managed package to rental only, see our ‘easy to read’ letting service table . 

Or call us on 01200 446061 to see how we can help you. 

Remember – Our unique position as property owners also allows us to offer in-house property repairs and preparation services.

No out-sourcing or unapproved contractors; we repair all properties we manage and look after, hence also removing unnecessary costs to you. 

Call us now! To get your property let and earning you income. Don’t get the wrong tenant and cause yourself hassle, start with the right letting agent now and enjoy a fruitful letting experience getting you the extra income stream as quickly as possible.

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